The person in charge of US Airways Twitter is getting their butt ROASTED today.

I would HATE to be working PR and crisis communications for American Airlines right now. First they have the genius teenager post a terrorist threat towards their airline, and now their newly acquired company goes a pulls an idiot move like this on social media. 

Facebook is trying to throw some competition towards Google Fiber and the Google internet balloons. 

When do #hashtags become annoying?

For those of us working with social media, it is becoming more and more obvious just how prevalent the use of hashtags has become. The little symbol that used to just be referred to as the pound sign, now packs much more meaning. 

Hashtags can be used today across almost all social media channels. Twitter was one of the initial users, making it easy for people to showcase their ideas along with other people who may have similar views just by using the hashtag along with a common, linking word. Even in the past year, Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon by adding hashtag support in their own system. Heck, even Tumblr uses hashtags for people to search blogs for their desired subject.

Proof of the ongoing use of hashtags can be seen in everyday programing on TV. MTV constantly has suggested subjects people can talk about on social media while an episode is airing live. This is all in an effort to try and get people to engage and get their shows to start trending on social media websites. 


Yet, at some point the use of hashtags can become annoying to the people who they come into contact with. The communication channels for the symbols become clogged and they lose their meaning. The overwhelming influx of hashtags has gotten so bad to where comedians, like Jimmy Fallon, make fun of the entire premise. 

The question now is, how do those of us trying to work within the social channel spread content without annoying our publics?